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Yo Noodles - Fast, Healthy, Delicious

Yo! Noodles is an exciting new restaurant on Jalan Petitenget, specializing in Asian Noodle dishes in fast food manner. Health, fast, delicious, we are already a favorite of travelers coming to Bali from China, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and others.
Yo! Noodles offer the most affordable and various menu for lunch and dinner. Quantity and size are important for us to spoil the guests to taste the delicious creations of our cooks. Asian menu with the original quantity of vegetables, spices, rice or noodles on it.

For any advantageous cooperation, we offer complimentary free food beverage and discounts for the numbers upon the listed.

We provide the atmosphere to enjoy the food and various tastes of the famous food. The lists below are for per pax or per family and or group. The prices below are the net and the guides or Agents are allowed to raise or mark up according to prices wanted for operational.

Seluruh konten dalam situs ini merupakan kontribusi para pemasang. Pengunjung diharap lebih berhati-hati terhadap setiap informasi menyesatkan dan mengandung unsur penipuan. Pengelola tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala kerugian yang mungkin terjadi.