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Ready stock Fusion Splicer Fujikura 21s,70s,80s,19r

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The 21S is designed for high-end FTTH splicer applications in FTTX, Data Center / LAN and Access Networks.

21S offers an active V-Groove alignment single fibre splicer for reliable and improved splicing performance for a range of different fibres; SMF, MMF, DSF, NZDSF.

Applicable from 125 m cladding diameter/ up to 3mm sheath diameter fibres with sheath clamp.

21S provides advanced capabilities; including splice result storage of 200 splices, 5-16mm short cleave length splicing .

Quick splicing time is produced in 7 seconds ( single mode fibre) and an automated tube-heating time of 30 seconds ( single mode 60mm) .

Applications and fibres

Singe-Mode Fibre, Multimode Fibre, Dispersion-Shifted Fibre ( DSF) , Non-zero dispersion-shifted fibre ( NZDSF) .


The World' s Smallest & Lightest Active V-groove Splicer
Active V-groove fibre alignment
11 second splicing in SM-AUTO mode
30sec Automated Tube-heating with Single 60mm sleeve
200 splice cycles / tube heating cycles per full battery charge
Dimensions measure 120 x 189 x 71mm.
Extremely lightweight at 1.1kg including battery
Robust and lightweight design plus shock, dust and rain resistant
4.7 inch color LCD for indoor and outdoor use
Multi-functional carry case and work table accessory
USB communication for PC connection.

Contact Person:
PT. Panca Wahyu Mandiri
Ph : 021-55782056 - 021- 55782057
Fax : 021-55782058
Mobile : 081314666889
Webs: www.indonetwork.co.id/alatsurvey_gps
Ruko Metropolis Town Square Jl. Hartono Raya, Blok GG-2 No.5
Modernland - Tangerang 15117, Banten


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