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Jual Telepon Satelit Thuraya Xt Lite Include Perdana + Pulsa 20 unit


Aulia Indosurvey
Distributor: Telepon Satelit, Gps, & Alat Survey


Calls and text messages in satellite mode
Make calls and send SMS messages in satellite mode whenever there is no terrestrial network available. The advanced omni-directional antenna ensures uninterrupted communications, offering seamless walk-and-talk functionality for calls-on-the-go.
Long-lasting battery life
Thuraya XT-LITE enables reliable communications with a long-lasting battery which provides up to six hours talk time and up to 80 hours standby time.
Ease of use
Simply charge your phone and ensure that your SIM card is working. It's that simple. You can then program the Thuraya XT-LITE to one of the 13 languages available (Simplified Chinese is available as a separate firmware).
Supported by the most robust and powerful satellite network
Thuraya's satellite network is renowned for having the most reliable satellite coverage, including approximately 160 countries or two-thirds of the globe. TheThuraya XT-LITE enables you to receive a call notification even with the satelliteantenna stowed, keeping you connected at all times.
Additional features include: Address book, alarms, calculator, calendar, call logs, conference calls, contact groups, speed dialing, stopwatch and world time.

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