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Jual : Automatic Level Nikon AE-7

The Automatic Level Nikon AE-7 is a surveying instrument that was released by Nikon in 1993. An indispensable tool on construction and civil engineering work sites, it is a long-selling product that is still being manufactured and sold to this day--20 years after its release. This article describes the AE-7 and is interspersed with comments by Haruhiko Imura, who was in charge of its development and design.

The main specifications of the AE-7
Magnification: 30x,

Effective diameter of objective lens: 40 mm,

Minimum focusing distance: 20 cm,

Auto-compensation range: about 0.5 degrees (±about 0.25 degrees),

Standard deviation per 1-km double-run leveling: ±1.5 mm,

Dimensions: 220 mm x 136 mm x 142 mm,

Weight: 1.7 kg
The photograph shows an AE-7C with a horizontal scale.
* Standard deviation per 1-km double-run leveling: instrument error when outward and return measurements of the difference in elevation between two points with 1 kilometer distance are conducted.

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