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Haglof Vertex IV Hypsometer 60° Kit

The Haglof Vertex IV Range Finder 15-105-1010 is great surveying tool that measures heights up to 3,275 feet. This range finder features a large display to present all the measurements and it's very easy to navigate using only three keys, two arrows and one ON button. For better visibility, this Vertex model has a red cross to aim the target more accurately. To transfer all the results this rangefinder has built-in Bluetooth technology and infrared la

The Vertex IV Rangefinder features the BAF function. This option allows you to point sample an area, that is basically a method used to sample the trees based on their size rather than the amount of them. Using the Basal Area Factor this tool also determines whether or not to count a tree on the sample, it does a really good job sampling the borderline trees.

The Haglof IV has a height measuring range from 0 ft to 3,275 ft with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 ft. This range finder can also be used to measure angles and distances with an accuracy 0.1 ft and 0.1 degrees respectively.


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